We'd like to introduce you all to yet another one of our wonderful customers that give so much of themselves to bring happiness and joy to precious special needs children. The amazing CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT for the month of April is ........Ahead With Horses, this organization is amazing!

Talk about beautiful and loving hearts, these folks work with every type of special needs child that might be brought their way. It is a beautiful combination of working with the individual children through not only their loving hearts, but through the love of horses as well.
We hear they work miracles in the lives of these children young and older alike!

If you would like to know more about Ahead With Horses, please read all about them below, or contact them through the following information:
AHEAD With Horses Inc.
10157 Johanna Ave.
Shadow Hills, CA 91040
(818) 767 - 6373
Ahead with Horses | Los Angeles Center for Developmental Therapeutic Vaulting


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leadership skills.   One of the best results from this weekend is the fact that our ‘counselors’ or ‘facilitators’ are returning students that apply to come back to be RYLA Counselors.   These students go through further training and help coordinate the next year’s camp.  They become the trainers.  Many of them stay on with the program for several years. 

     The staff at the El Segundo Athletic Club believe fitness and quality nutrition are the keys to a healthy lifestyle - If a person wants to maintain a high quality of living throughout their life, then they need to participate in a challenging fitness program several times per week and eat a well-balanced diet. Strength, cardio, and flexibility training, combined with healthy food choices lead to sustainable health and fitness over time.  They welcome the opportunity to understand your fitness goals and provide you with the tools to achieve them. Please come for a visit and see the many things they can do for you and your continued, good health. 

     You can find them on the Internet at www.elsegundoathleticclub.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ElSegundoAthleticClub

We'd like to introduce you to another one of our amazing customers that "give back". The El Segundo Athletic Club gives back through creating an environment of health and wholeness that they share with their community. So if your New Year resolution is to get into shape, this is definitely the place! They will welcome you with open arms, as they encourage and inspire you to be your best!


In addition to the experiential learning activities, RYLA also provides a keynote speaker, a look into personality profiles and how to understand the four basic types and there is even a RYLA IDOL talent show along with Square Dancing.  That’s right, square dancing.   This event usually gets the most hems and haws from the students, but in the end, after they learn a few steps, its one of the highlights of the weekend.

The counselor staff meets monthly from September through April to plan the camp for the coming year.  One of our favorite meetings is when we get to choose the color of the shirts and what ink will be on them for that year.  We use the ‘power over three’ system and have a lot of fun voting our way to the winning choices.   Our go-to screen printer for the past 20 years (Screenworks) is always anxious to hear the results as well.   This year is Purple shirt with White (aka Glow) ink.

Since opening its doors, Mercy’s Village International has raised enough funds through the generosity of many different donors to build several classrooms, administration building, teachers quarters, latrines and playground.  The school just started its new school year on February 2nd, 2015 with a total of 210 students.  Students range from 5 years old to 15 years old (1st to 5th grade).  We hope to continue to be able to build until we have a complete elementary school (7th grade) to give more children a chance at a better life. It is only because of the generosity of many that we have been able to come this far.

We continue to look for new partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations that have a desire to help change the lives of others for the better.  We look forward to what the future holds not only for our organization but for our kids as well.  Nurturing their little souls and minds has, and is a privilege that we feel very fortunate to be a part of.  To donate or learn more about Mercy's  Village,  please visit us on FB at: www.facebook.com/mercysvillage or contact jeami@mercysvillage.org

We'd like to introduce you to yet another one of our awesome customers that give of themselves, to give back to others. We hope you enjoy reading about this amazing organization that came about when a young woman's heart was touched when seeing the desperate needs of many when visiting another country. To top it off, she was only 26 years old at the time! Definite Love in action!

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Results (outcomes) oriented, AHEAD (Accelerated Habilitation Education And Development) WITH HORSES INC. has a 47-year history of providing unique, innovative, highly motivating and effective developmental therapy, education and recreation through horses and the environment to disabled, disadvantaged and other special-needs children and has earned recognition educationally, medically and scientifically. AWH has an impeccable reputation fiscally and programmatically and for its commitment to excellence.

AWH’s mission is to:
Maximize potential of disabled/disadvantaged/special-needs children providing developmental therapy, education and recreation through horses and related experiences, with measurable improvement physically, mentally, socially and/or emotionally resulting in increased self-sufficiency and the ability to lead better and more independent and productive lives.

Through vaulting (gymnastics on a moving horse), even severely disabled children learn and achieve. Two unique aspects of this therapy are the immediacy of response and visibility of its effectiveness across multiple domains (motor, communication, cognitive, social, emotional, self-help, vocational). Predicated on the philosophy that everyone can learn and achieve, the emphasis is on working with those that others feel lack the ability to respond. Most have not responded to traditional forms of therapy and/or education, or are not eligible for other services. Ahead With Horses fills this gap.

Program services are comprehensive and combine the benefits of physical, occupational, speech, educational and recreational therapy; psychological and sociological counseling, other developmental services such as behavior management, sensorimotor services, etc., and transportation to client areas.

AWH documented history of effectiveness includes many dramatic responses such as walking or speaking for the first time but it is best told in the success of EVERY CHILD! AWH has an unrivaled history of effectiveness with autism- a devastating disability that has now reached crisis proportions affecting more children than cerebral palsy. Few, if any services are available. 

AHEAD With Horses serves tons of children of all disabilities each year through on-going therapy, with field trips and special events/activities (Costume Day/Halloween, Santa Horse, Children’s Annual Demonstration and FUN DAY, etc.) AWH serves individuals throughout the greater Los Angeles area, with a primary base in Shadow Hills and a mobile program site at Sullivan Canyon in Brentwood, targeting children with multiple and severe disabilities who have no other services or who have not responded to other therapy or education.

AWH supervised and/or provided work training and employment for disabled/disadvantaged youth from low-income/poverty level families (Summer Youth Employment); field work for education requirements; projects for youth service (at-risk-youth, gang youth, etc); court ordered community service for adult and youth offenders and much, much more!

AWH has served the L.A. Unified School District as one of only eight approved sites for Special Education. Classes from various areas of Los Angeles participate on an on-going basis, as do other school districts. Programs reach as many as 1000 students or more from some schools.

HOURS Monday – Friday: 5am to 9pm
Weekends: 7am to 4pm ​​

505 Main Street, El Segundo, CA 90245​
(424) 290 – 3171


even contact us, and we will get you in touch with the right people.  We hope you enjoy reading about this fun, and hands on youth leadership organization, raising youth leaders for our future, while living their motto........Service Above Self!

May we introduce you to yet another amazing customer?  Our March CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT.... RYLA!  Screenworks has been printing for this awesome youth leadership program for many years now.  Another one of our wonderful customers!  RYLA is headed up by two people that have amazing hearts for youth and their direction, and leadership potential in our future generations - Joe Harding & Elyse Beardsley.  Joe has been volunteering his time to this organization for 18 years, while Elyse has been at the helm for 24 years! One of a kind - wonderful folks!  Although the annual RYLA assembly coming up April 24th - 26th is booked, if you have a child interested in becoming a part of RYLA in the future after reading the RYLA story below, contact your local Rotary Club and they will lead you in the right direction.  You can

Mercy’s Village International, a non-profit organization, was started in 2009 by El Segundo resident, Jeami Duncan, after a trip she took to war-torn Northern Uganda in 2006.  During this trip she visited several refugee camps and witnessed many of the atrocities that were being committed against the children in the area. While the 22 year long war officially ended in 2008, it left behind a lot of destruction and pain.  This trip served as a motivation to try and help the children somehow, so Mercy’s Village was born with the goal to help educate the children and give them more opportunities for a better future.  After several months of fundraising in the U.S., and then another quick trip to Northern Uganda in 2009 to purchase 5 acres of land - Mercy’s Village Primary School officially opened its doors for the first time on January 31st, 2010 to 65 1st and 2nd graders from the town of Gulu in Northern Uganda.  None of these children had ever been to school before and most were orphaned by either the war, or AIDS.


We have been printing for Mychal's Learning for 10 years! They are true inspiration...... Be prepared to be inspired! 


Mychal's Learning Place believes that children and adults with developmental disabilities deserve to be challenged with opportunities that build self-esteem and independence, creating long term success for life. Mychal’s Learning Place is dedicated to assisting individuals with developmental disabilities, such as autism and Down syndrome, to build self-esteem and independence by providing social and recreational activities with an emphasis on life skills training in a safe and loving environment. Mychal's believes that children and adults with developmental disabilities deserve to be challenged with opportunities to reach their fullest potential, creating long-term success for life. In doing so, we encourage each child and adult to develop their individual talents and the skills necessary for them to interact and contribute to society.

Mychal’s Learning Place is dedicated toassisting individuals with developmental disabilities, such as autism and Down syndrome, to build self-esteem and independence through activities that offer life skills training in a safe and loving environment. We challenge Mychal's youth and young adults to have high expectations for their lives.

The agency was founded in 2001 by the concerned parent of a child, Mychal, who had a developmental disability. During Mychal’s life, her father struggled to find resources and services to support her special needs as well as her zest for life. When she died, he decided to create those resources for other parents of developmentally disabled children, particularly in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

Today, Mychal’s is committed to fulfilling the needs of the whole community and providing an accessible place for children, adults, and families to call home. Operating from two locations – a primary site in Hawthorne as well as an additional site in Culver City – Mychal’s Learning Place recognizes that by challenging our children to succeed and having high expectations as they reach adulthood, we are enabling them to live independent, fulfilled, and productive lives.

At Mychal's, we want every youth and adult to reach his or her full potential and we constantly seek new ways to discover and engage that potential. To find out more information about Mychals and how to get involved please visit us at www.mychals.org or you can call the office at 310-297-9333. Please visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MychalsLearningPlace

RYLA ( Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly ) is a three-day intensive leadership camp held in Lake Arrowhead every April for approximately 250 High School, ninth to eleventh grade students.   This high energy and fully packed weekend focuses on the 4-C’s of leadership, Creativity, Cooperation, Compassion and Communication.   The students come from about 40 different high schools from all over Los Angeles and are chosen by the local Rotary club.   From the moment these students get off the bus , until they return home on Sunday evening, they are constantly learning through experiential learning exercise and encouraged to explore things beyond their normal comfort zone.  This is accomplished by constantly changing the groups they interact with, forcing new interactions and changing up the activities they do just as frequently.  Everyday objects like ropes, Frisbees, tent poles, duct tape, cups, water and many others are used to teach life lessons that leave them with meaningful insights in moving forward with new

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P: (310) 532-7239

F: (310) 715-1405​

1705 W. 134th St., Gardena CA 90249

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RYLA is an international program through Rotary International.  Our local Los Angeles RYLA Chairs have picked up a few things from other countries that have become staples of their program locally.   The lesson using balloons to teach compassion came from RYLA in India and is a favorite during the weekend.   Students have no clue the powerful lesson that comes from this exercise will change their lives.

     The El Segundo Athletic Club was created to constantly challenge and lead their members to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness they can reach. The club provides a safe, comfortable, and inspiring hometown environment to help members progress towards their goals.  Screenworks has been ESAC’s apparel provider since they opened their doors in 2012.

     Located on Main St. in El Segundo, their goal is to give their clients a workout experience that brings the results they seek in an environment they appreciate and enjoy. They offer personal training, nutrition counseling, group classes, cardio and weight-training equipment, free weights, and most importantly, a friendly and supportive atmosphere. 

     Owners Doug and Elaine Sersun established the El Segundo Athletic Club in June 2012 after Doug retired from the Air Force.  They saw this endeavor as an opportunity to grow civic connection and give back to their community.  They believe that as their members grow stronger, the community is made stronger. Their hand picked staff encourages each member to continually reach for new heights, and to support their happiness through healthy living.  Whether in a personal training session, group fitness class, or out on the gym floor, the enthusiastic staff offers advice, support, and a helping hand.